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Reports 2009

REPORT "The Leap Wind"

The current context of economic recession and climate emergency offers the opportunity to wind a large-scale development, although some technical and economic barriers still to (...)

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Knowledge markets and transactions based on intellectual property (Working Paper)

Questions of a conceptual framework elements and some statistical experience abroad by Rémi Lallement (Centre d'analyse stratégique) Working Group "Market Development of Knowledge (...)

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REPORT "the development of telework in the digital society of tomorrow"

In response to the request of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary of State for Forward Planning and Development of the digital economy, a study on telework, the Centre d'analyse (...)

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REPORT "The negotiations on climate change: towards a new international order?"

With the prospect of a new international agreement to fight against climate change beyond 2012, the Strategic Analysis Centre presents the key points of negotiation. (...)

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REPORT "The mental health everybody's business. For a coherent approach to quality of life"

On the theme of "mental health" and a continuation of the Stiglitz report, the report examines the consequences of new approaches to measuring GDP and welfare in the social policy (...)

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Contributions of the Center for Strategic Analysis report Tirole

" Climate Policy: a new international architecture ", Tirole Report, September 2009 published in the French Documentation by the Council of Economic Analysis and in collaboration (...)

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Report "Out of crisis: towards the emergence of new growth models?"

Conducted under the chairmanship of Daniel Cohen, Professor of Economics at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and one in Paris School of Economics Director, Center for (...)

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Society and the economy in terms of the digital revolution

Society and the economy in terms of the digital revolution Challenges and prospects of the coming decades (2015/2025)   (...)

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Dashboard "European public expenditure"

An aggregate view of public spending and comparative European Table based on data relating to expenditure by the EU and all its member states in 2006 (last census year). These (...)

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Biodiversity Report: "The economic approach to biodiversity and services related to eco systems"

Contribution to public decision Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, President of the Working Group   (...)

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The vehicle "general public" by 2030

At the request of the Minister of Higher Education and Research (Mar. 2008), the present report, prepared under the authority of Jean Syrota, was achieved with the help of a (...)

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