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REPORT "the development of telework in the digital society of tomorrow"

REPORT "the development of telework in the digital society of tomorrow"


In response to the request of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary of State for Forward Planning and Development of the digital economy, a study on telework, the Centre d'analyse stratégique has initiated several work since last July in parallel:

  •  a mission of international comparison of ten OECD countries was conducted by Roland Berger, establishing the panorama of the existing legal framework and identifying best practices for deployment of telework;
  •  a survey was conducted by the DGTPE embassies of twenty OECD countries, from a questionnaire developed by the Center for Strategic Analysis
  •  a prospective analysis of potential teleworkers in next ten years was conducted from the work of the Foresight group of professions and qualifications of the Center for Strategic Analysis.

Complementing these elements interact with many experts and authorities, the Strategic Analysis Centre has synthesized the various works as a REPORT on the inventory of teleworking in France, and considered, in particular the risk abuse, for employees on maternity leave, illness or accident. Finally, he discussed the possibility of developing teleworking for these different categories of people

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