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Labour and Employment

L'emploi des femmes et des hommes dans la crise

The 2008 crisis revealed in the European Union high level of gender segmentation of labor markets which, paradoxically, had a protective effect on female employment in short term. What are the (...)

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Le service public de l'orientation tout au long de la vie

The law of November 24th 2009  establishes a public guidance service (PGS). This note analyses its deployment on the territory, the terms of its management and its effects on the (...)

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Conférence - Étendre la protection sociale dans la mondialisation : défis et rép

Vincent Chriqui, Director General of the Centre d'analyse stratégique, Michael Cichon, Director of the Social Security Department, International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Jean-Baptiste Mattéi, (...)

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Droit du travail et protection des travailleurs dans les pays émergents

  Emerging countries , despite the magnitude of informal work and different national priorities, implement better protection for workers and social insurance schemes, with the support of the (...)

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Quels services rendus aux étudiants par les universités ?

  French universities make, to varying degrees, services to students to improve their success. This note analyzes various foreign cases, particularly in England (East London and Oxford), Japan (...)

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L'individualisation dans les politiques de l'emploi

Reflections on recent changes in the welfare state emphasize the need to give everyone the means to be an actor of his career. (...)

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