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Telehealth (Policy Brief 255 - December 2011)

Telehealth (Policy Brief 255 - December 2011)


Which forms of health care provision in France in twenty years? Health challenges are many: increased chronic diseases, aging population, changing demographics medical, etc.. In response, two levers are available, note 254 deals with cooperation between health professionals and it telehealth.

  • What opportunities for the provision of care in the future? (Part 2)

On the one hand, the development of cooperation between health professionals, subject matter of the first part of this mini-dossier on health tomorrow (1). On the other hand, the production of remote care through information technology and communication technology (ICT) is known as telehealth. Today, its potential remains to be tapped.

It remains an emerging industry, faced with legal obstacles, economic and cultural. These obstacles will move from scattered experiences, born under the impulse of a few actors, a more ambitious deployment. In an ideal scheme, the provision of telehealth is not confined to the dematerialization of procedures. It will also give rise to a qualitative leap, resulting in new services, more collegial practices and reorganization of health facilities according to their degree of specialization. Thus, telehealth will give body to a continuum of care, contributing to the optimum orientation of the patient in an integrated system covering home, primary care and acute care and more medical and social. Finally, ICTs help make the user a co-producer of health.


  • Towards a new offer: the transformation of the traditional model of health production
  • Towards a new application: the increasing involvement of users in the production of health
  • Authors: Mathilde Reynaud and Sarah Sauneron, Department of Social Issues

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