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Cooperation between health professionals (Policy Brief 254 - December 2011)

Cooperation between health professionals (Policy Brief 254 - December 2011)


Which forms of health care provision in France in twenty years? Health challenges are many: increased chronic diseases, aging population, changing demographics medical, etc.. In response, two levers are available, note 255 deals with telehealth and this co-operation between health professionals.

  • What opportunities for the provision of care in the future? (Part 1)
    Cooperation between health professionals

On the one hand, telehealth, and production of remote care. On the other hand, cooperation between health professionals, through which medical and paramedical staff can develop new forms of group exercise and operate them transfers of activities to optimize the production of care.

In France, these approaches are still marginal, particularly in the ambulatory sector, as they need to change some of the principles of private practice. In other countries, cooperation is highly developed in the field of primary care, especially engaging GPs and nurses on access to routine care and the quality of care for chronic conditions.

This change requires a proactive policy to support multidisciplinary structures and legal recognition of new skills. The development of cooperation in France, is the key to strengthening the ambulatory sector, would, under certain conditions, to better align supply the needs of patients and improve the efficiency of the health system by reducing the weight of expenditure hospital.


  • In France, recent advances, still marginal
  • The development of cooperation in the Western health care systems: what lessons for France?
  • Develop and structure cooperation to reorganize primary care in France
  • Authors: Elise Anger and Virginie Gimbert, in collaboration with Mathilde Reynaud and Sylvain Lemoine, Social Issues Department

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