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Sustainable Development

Panorama des Tansports

Overview n°51 by Christine Raynard, Department of Sustainable Development (DDD) (...)

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La politique climatique américaine

The international climate agreement does make sense if they are supported by the United States, the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gas (GHG) per capita. But this country is now bound by any (...)

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Les instruments économiques au service du climat

The Kyoto Protocol signed in 1997 establishes a regulatory framework for cooperation in the fight against climate change and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Coming to an end in (...)

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Les financements innovants au service du climat

By 2020, nearly 100 billion dollars a year that developed countries have pledged to finance action against climate change in developing countries (DCs). Given the current economic situation, they (...)

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Report - Economic instruments in the service of climate

The Center for Strategic Analysis has published a report: The Economic Instruments for Climate (...)

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Pour un dévelopement responsable des nanotechnologies

The twenty-first century will he that of an industrial revolution - even living - driven by nanotechnology? From advances in knowledge of the matter at the scale of a billionth of a meter (10-9 m), (...)

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