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Social Issues Overview  (September 2012)

Social Issues Overview (September 2012)


Each month, the Department of Social Affairs, Strategic Analysis Centre offers a selection of information, innovation and experimentation from elsewhere.

It does not pretend to cover exhaustively the news international social or contibuer their implementation in the context hexagonal. It consists of subjective deliberate choice made by the responsible department's mission through their research and their meetings. These like this raise membership, caution or rejection, their purpose is to help stimulate debate on the future of social models.

  • The curiosity of September: India
Banks dedicated to "street children"

In India, the "street children" have their own bank. They can put in safety, their meager savings. Initiative of an Indian NGO, the "Treasure Chest of Children" has 11 branches in different parts of Delhi, with almost a thousand guests aged 9-18 years. The bank operates as a cooperative. Children regularly elect among them leaders who volunteer will keep wickets in the afternoon. An adult is always present association and recovers every night deposits that will be placed in a real bank. Children receive 5% interest on their savings. When they want to withdraw money, they must explain why. They are also encouraged to build projects: NGO encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. She says, "the idea is to make children aware that they can act on their future."

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