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Social Issues Overview (February 2012)

Social Issues Overview (February 2012)


Each month the Department of Social Affairs at the Centre d'analyse stratégique offers a selection of information, innovations and experimentations from abroad.

This overview does not suggest that implementation of these policies would necessarily be relevant in a French domestic context. It consists of subjective choices made by staff members of the department as part of their research and their meetings. It can spark interest, caution or rejection. The goal is first and foremost to help steer the debate on the future of our social model.

  • February's topic of interest: Switzerland
The city of Geneva wishes to make its cemeteries a "lively area". Based on the fact that cemeteries are becoming less popular, municipal services are organizing new and innovative types of events in order to give people an alternative view of these places and to reflect about the separation and symbolism of rituals. To do this, the city is studying the configuration and the acoustics of crematoria chapels and outdoor areas in order to organize concerts there this spring. The program will also include guided tours to discover the architectural heritage and flora (the age and variety of trees would be particularly interesting). Finally, children are invited to storytelling around the theme of death.

Source: Le Temps, 23 January 2012. Afin de ne pas "heurter les sensibilités" religieuses, une directive.

You can naturally add to this overview by sending any information you consider relevant to the following contact: Sylvain Lemoine, Head of the Department of Social Affairs :


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