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Conference Proceedings: Discussing new technologies

Conference Proceedings: Discussing new technologies


The Center d’analyse stratégique and the General Council of Industry, Energy and Technology jointly organized a seminar on November 8th 2011:

Discussing new technologies

Initiated by the Centre d’analyse stratégique together with the General Council of Industry, Energy and Technology, they organized the seminar "Discussing new technologies " since the subject is at the heart of current debate and will most likely remain so in the future.

There are always new technologies that sometimes go relatively unnoticed. Others raise a great amount of fear and debates. There are examples for all of these that I will return to. A broad consensus highlighting that we are in a democratic society in which things should be carried out transparently has emmerged. This does not mean that things that counteract the advice of some could be decided on, rather, decisions should not be made without having had time for everyone to express themselves and share their notice.

This is where it gets complicated and, – while this is not meant to be insulting – so far, no means allowing for this has been found, at least for the more concerning and doubtful cases. Sometimes, and for poor reasons, this has simply not happened because of a lack of knowledge. This however, does not mean that everything should be put on hold until our knowledge has progressed. This is the base of the debates that could potentially shake the people and actors implied.


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