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Competitive technologies at the service of sustainable development


Vincent Chriqui, Director General of the Centre d'analyse stratégique and Jean Bergougnoux, Chairman of the Working Group released the report :

Competitive technologies at the service of sustainable development

Which technologies should we support in the coming decades to promote sustainable development and promote economic growth?

This report, based on the work of a committee chaired by Jean Bergougnoux, assesses the current state of maturity of different technologies in the energy, transport and residential tertiary and examines their development conditions for economic competition in France World.

In a long-term perspective, technological innovations often require support of States. However, in a situation of scarcity of public funding, this support must be adapted to the state of technology.

So, whether research, development and industrialization, the CAS has examined the conditions:
- Integration of these advances in existing systems (or create);
- Arrival at technical maturity, economic but also social acceptance of various technologies.

The report makes four proposals for France to develop its competitive advantages in technologies for sustainable development.

The report's recommendations:

  •     Taken into account in the definition of mechanisms to support the development of technology, technical and economic maturity, their ability to integrate into existing systems and global positioning research and industry French.
  •     In the field of electricity generation, encourage the deployment of renewable energy and competitive focus for those whose cost of electricity production would be above a threshold to be determined, operations research and demonstration.
  •     Given the differences in price between the ground and photovoltaic roof, extend the concept of positive energy building a broader, island or district, to benefit local energy cost.
  •     Invest in technology cross: control devices and systems management (and control) and in particular the building (home network) nanotechnology; measurement techniques (metrology); ICT; materials.


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