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Annual report

Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2006


"French society: between convergence and new cleavages"

The Centre d’analyse stratégique publishes its first annual report.

Institution under the Prime Minister and dedicated to the day before, the expertise and decision support the Centre d'analyse stratégique has chosen to focus primarily in this 2006 analysis of cleavage that run through society French.

This report contains an analysis and various forms of inequality and their evolution. If the material inequalities, measured by revenue, have tended to decline, new forms of inequality are emerging, upsetting the traditional analytical frameworks. The first of these new factors of inequality is the degree of exposure to individual risks, including the labor market.

Sacrificing to the more traditional form of the activity report, the report also major work of the Centre or at the request of the Prime Minister, who in 2006 sent no less than seven official referrals to the institution or its own initiative, under the government program of work drawn up each year.

Contributions of collaborators outside the institution, or have finally illustrate the main themes discussed offset: housing policy, inequality and electoral behavior, segmentation of public action, situation of young French people compared to their European counterparts.


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