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500 proposals, innovations and social curiosities from abroad

500 proposals, innovations and social curiosities from abroad


The Strategic Analysis Centre offers a new edition of its panorama of Social Issues stocktaking of the year 2012.  It is no longer 300 but 500 sights (the brief) that constitute the book:

500 proposals, innovations and social curiosities from abroad

The selection of countries has indeed been expanded to include Argentina, Japan or the Netherlands. Approach and spirit remain the same: the Department of Social Affairs, Centre for Strategic Analysis assured throughout the year a monitoring function for our neighbors (or far) in order to identify projects and innovations original social policy.

Like last year, the global economic crisis as part of the social innovations of the year 2012. On the one hand, limiting the resources available, it makes it necessary to reflect on their allocation. On the other hand, have shown the fundamental role of buffer systems of social protection, it requires a reflection on how the most efficient response to the public.

Moreover, demographic trends and social structuring as the aging population and increasing women's employment continues, they feed the needs in the field of aging and support for families active in most of the countries covered the panorama.
Among these, some have created their welfare model long; European countries are included: their innovations fit while on the base of
their welfare state model of reference, social democrat, Liberal or conservateur2. Others, in North America, may also fit into this scheme taking into account former social issues.

But this view also covers countries, emerging powers (India, China, Brazil), or different cultural references (Israel, Japan), build a model based on other principles. Innovations they offer can involve problems in different terms in Western countries (relative lack of education, poverty very important, massive circulation of weapons in Brazil (Brief 404), mobilize other actors (eg the call for companies to control obesity employees in Japan (brief 36), or based on the principles for which we are unfamiliar (as shown in the report of a disoriented elderly bracelet China (Brief 412). these ways of thinking can only make us the distance on our habits of thought facing a social problem.

In addition to brief introductory texts derive, for each sub-chapter, some general trends underway. Without attempting an analysis, they organize thinking through some shared or divergent orientations between the countries concerned. Moreover, as last year, some brief give us the opportunity to return to the work published in 2012 by the Centre for Strategic Analysis.

The reader will find in this book a collection of brief eclectic voluntarily. Shock or amuse them, they intrigue and perplex these innovations, we hope, stimulate social imagination!

Work coordinated by: Delphine Chauffaut, Marie-Pierre Hamel, Marie-Cecile Naves, reynaudi Mathilde, Sarah Sauneron.


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