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Working documents 2012

Document de travail (2012-10)

  Real convergence has not occurred in Europe . However, a union of heterogeneous countries keeps its meaning if the relationship is a source of additional value. It is (...)

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Working Paper (2012-08) - The long-term sustainability of public finances: an econometric evaluation

  This paper proposes to measure the long-term sustainability of public finances in the G7 countries between 1960 and 2006. Specifically, it assesses the strength of the (...)

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Multiplicateurs budgétaires et efficacité du policy mix en récession : une analy

  This paper seeks to assess the impact of the policy mix on the effectiveness of fiscal stimulus in recession. Specifically, we study a computable general equilibrium model (...)

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Working Paper  No 2012-02, Adjusting employment during the crisis

Much comparative research has addressed the topic of labour markets’ responses during the current crisis. The German employment “miracle”(little employment adjustment to the sharp (...)

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Working Paper (2012-05), The "culture of stability" in France: Is the growth re

Is there in France, as is the case in Germany, a “stability culture”, that is to say a consensus around the idea that the economic growth of a developed country can not be (...)

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A comparison of European fiscal adjustment strategies

If fiscal adjustment programs aim at targeting a sustainable trend for public finance, their impacts depend on their components, their respective shares and the momentum of their (...)

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Politique budgétaire en équilibre général : une analyse appliquée à la zone euro

This paper aims to rationalize and evaluate scal stimulus and adjustment in a general equilibrium model applied to the euro area as a function of the speed and composition of the (...)

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Working paper N°7 : European economic convergence: Twenty years later

Real convergence in the member countries of the euro area has not carried out as expected. Even though the subprime crisis was a trigger, the current crisis is most likely due to (...)

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Recueil de bonnes pratiques

Vincent Chriqui , Director General of the Centre d'analyse stratégique and Sergio Arzeni, Director, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship offers this collection of good practices. The (...)

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Document de travail N° 6 : L’emploi et les métiers des immigrés

Immigrants are traditionally in a more fragile condition of employment under the French-born because of the obstacles they encounter on the job market. This vulnerability (higher (...)

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