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Economic and Financial Affairs

La politique macroprudentielle

  Analyze the financial framework (regulatory and financial cycle, union bank) and its interaction with monetary policy leads to leads for their construction and coordination. (...)

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Document de travail (2013-06) - L’entrepreneuriat féminin

  Women entrepreneurs are not as numerous as they should. Does it brake specific female entrepreneurship? Is it of socio-demographic factors such as level of education or number of children, or (...)

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Valorisation de la recherche publique

To what extent and through what channels the public research organizations manage to develop their work? Learn from foreign experience can clarify the diagnosis and to consider ways to improve. (...)

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Document de travail (2013-04)

The recent financial crisis has highlighted that price stability does not ensure financial stability. In light of the previous regulation shortcomings, financial regulation reforms focus on (...)

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De l’utilité de l’impôt pour freiner l’effet de levier du hors-bilan des banques

  IFRS accounting standards were included in the balance sheets of banks most of derivative financial instruments that we consider here under the term "off-balance" the price of a certain (...)

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