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Economic and Financial Affairs

Document de travail (2012-10)

  Real convergence has not occurred in Europe . However, a union of heterogeneous countries keeps its meaning if the relationship is a source of additional value. It is possible to identify the (...)

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Working Paper (2012-08) - The long-term sustainability of public finances: an econometric evaluation

  This paper proposes to measure the long-term sustainability of public finances in the G7 countries between 1960 and 2006. Specifically, it assesses the strength of the link between revenue (...)

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Multiplicateurs budgétaires et efficacité du policy mix en récession : une analy

  This paper seeks to assess the impact of the policy mix on the effectiveness of fiscal stimulus in recession. Specifically, we study a computable general equilibrium model calibrated on the (...)

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Tableau de bord de l’attractivite de la France (édition 2012)

For the third consecutive year, the Strategic Analysis Centre , the French Agency for International Investment , Direction General of the Treasury and the Interministerial Delegation for Regional (...)

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L'évaluation en France

  By publishing two analytical notes on entrepreneurship in France, the Strategic Analysis Centre has sought to better understand the difficulties faced by French entrepreneurs to maintain and (...)

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Les Rendez-vous de la Mondialisation

Foresight exercises carried out in the horizon 2030-2050 there are more than ten years in Africa already announced a doubling of the population of the continent. For most analyzes, then, the (...)

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