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Les technologies d'amélioration des capacités humaines

Will we see the development of technologies to improve physical and intellectual abilities of the human being? What health issues, social and ethical? (...)

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Politique de la ville et rénovation urbaine. Perspectives internationales

Vincent Chriqui , Director General of the Centre for Strategic Analysis and Hervé Masurel , Secretary General of the Interministerial Committee for Cities, in partnership with the Urban Institute are (...)

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Politique de la ville

This policy brief encourages us to look at the social and residential mobility of priority neighborhoods’ inhabitants as a major stake of area-based urban policy. From the analysis of foreign (...)

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Politique de la ville, l'expérience américaine

The American experience of urban regeneration is both rich and ancient. accommodation, economic development, school, security, employment, social diversity, all these areas - which are in France the (...)

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Rapport - Politique de la ville.

  When the consultation opens on the next stage of the policy of the city, the Strategic Analysis Centre wished to contribute to public debate and government thinking. beyond the balance sheet (...)

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La mobilité internationale des professionnels de santé

The international mobility of health professionals alters the functioning of health care systems. What are the challenges for the French system of increased movement of professionals and students? (...)

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