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Transport overview

Transport overview No. 64

Transport overview No. 64


A unique overview by the Centre for Strategic Analysis - February 203

1) Within the framework of doubling the capacity of the Panama Canal in 2014, Geodis Wilson Italy will provide transportation sixteen sluice gates 58 meters long, 10 meters wide and more than 4000 tons each.

The routing realized in cooperation with Sarens NV for the terrestrial Italy and STX Pan Ocean for maritime should begin shortly.

Each item will be delivered on a first-propelled modular trailer equipped with one hundred and twenty axles, then transported by barge from the Italian city of Trieste to Nogaro. The assembly will then be loaded on four ships to Panama.

These transports will be made in 2013 for a lock opening scheduled for late 2014.

2) In the Netherlands, a designer in partnership with the Dutch firm Heijmans specializing in road infrastructure, has created a highway environment.

It will be equipped with phosphorescent strips can be recharged during the day and light the night for ten hours.

A specific paint will be used to show the snowflake symbol to warn the driver that the road is slippery when the temperature falls below zero. Indirect lighting illuminate the highway passing a car and then go off to conserve energy.

The highway will be lit by lamps charged by wind turbines using air currents produced by the cars.

Eventually, an expressway and priority dedicated to electric vehicles will be equipped with induction charging coils allowing them to charge while driving.

This type of highway will be implemented in mid-2013 in the region of Brabant (province in the south of the Netherlands) with, initially, the introduction of phosphorescent strips and climate indicators. This project should be completed within five years.

3) The department of Val-de-Marne has a project of urban cable with a length of 4.4 kilometers, the Téléval, linking the towns of Créteil, Valenton Limeil-Brévannes and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Metro Station Créteil Lake Pointe on line 8, six bus lines and the new RER station Créteil-D Pompadour scheduled for late 2013.

The project was initiated in 2008 is now in its design phase and consultation with residents.

The Téléval can carry up to 3500 passengers per hour per direction, the equivalent of a tramway. It will be accessible to persons with reduced mobility, visually impaired, in a wheelchair, with strollers or bicycles.

It should be commissioned in the year 2016-2018. Department estimated the cost of the project is estimated at between 40 and 50 million.

For ten years, more than thirty urban devices have been put into service, mainly in cities such as New York, Barcelona, ​​London and Rio de Janeiro.

4) The American firm GlobalTrack presented in January at the Consumer Electronic Show, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, a device, the "Trackdot" to follow his bags and luggage at airports.

After registering on the site Trackdot, this small tracer slips into lightweight luggage and owners receive directly on their mobile phone location information.

By uploading a complementary application, travelers will also be notified of the arrival of their bag on the carousel to baggage.

This device should be marketed in March 2013 at a price of 50 dollars (37 euros), with an annual subscription of 13 dollars (9.60 euros). The costs of commissioning will be $ 9 dollars (6.60 euros).

by Christine Raynard, Policy Officer at Department of Sustainable Development (DSD).

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