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Transport overview

Transport overview No. 60

Transport overview No. 60


A unique overview by the Centre d’analyse stratégique - October 2012

1) In Germany, half of the people living in the suburbs use their car. This is why the city of Leipzig did a test to make it more attractive its public transport. She offered free public transport (bus, tram and regional trains) for four days some motorists on presentation of the card grise.C is the first city in Germany to take this initiative was prompted by the increased gasoline prices, traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. The results of this test are not yet known.

2) The internet group Google, in partnership with the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB), has expanded its Google Maps application on the railways.

Service "Google Transit" lets you see a train ride with the display schedules by car or on foot, the aim being to offer term all modes of transport on the same card. If he chooses the train, the traveler is redirected to the commercial site and the DB can buy your ticket directly without recapture his travel preferences.

3) The company Green Planet is working on the Free Auto, hire ephemeral small electric vehicles in stations areas with low density. This project is aimed at "rurban" working in the city but live in the rural areas and returning home them that weekend.

For the trip station / home, about five to twenty kilometers, they are lead by a third person, or they have an old car parked all week in the parking lot of the station. Free Auto propose the provision of small electric vehicles short-term rental, booked with a smartphone from Paris and major cities. Packages train + Free Auto are considered. During the week, these cars can be used by communities to transport elderly or disabled, for the delivery of meal trays, be loaned to people looking for a job, rented to companies ... This project could see in 2013 or 2014 in the north-west of France. Partnerships are in talks with SNCF, EDF, ADEME and the regional councils.

4) The American Airlines in partnership with VIP Luggage Delivery Bags, now offers business travelers a luggage delivery service "VIP Bags" at home or in the workplace.

This service can be ordered up to two hours before departure. He is charged 30 dollars (23 euros) for a background and a maximum distance of 40 miles (64 kilometers) from the airport and 50 dollars (39 euros) from three bags. Delivery is made within four hours. Beyond 40 miles, travelers will pay a dollar extra mile and the delivery time is four to six hours. This service is available in more than 200 airports in the United States, some Canadian airports, but also in Dublin.

by Christine Raynard, Policy Officer at Department of Sustainable Development (DSD).

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