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Transport overview

Transport overview No. 59

Transport overview No. 59


A unique overview by the Centre d’analyse stratégique written by Christine Raynard, Department of Sustainable Development.

1) The American Society Boxx Corp sells electric scooter cargo. It looks like a box and has two ultra-compact spaces baggage may contain bulky.

The "Boxx" for a utilitarian, one meter long and weighs 55 kg empty. It is equipped with an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel and can reach a speed of 56 km / h. Its battery has a range of 32 kilometers, or 64 depending on the model and recharges in less than four hours on a socket. "Eco mode" can double the battery by reducing the maximum speed to 30 km / h. The base model is sold 3,995 dollars (3,200 euros). A series of 100 copies will be available this year, but for now it is not marketed in Europe.

2) "Wehicles" community platform for information and access to mobility should be presented at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in Paris in late September 2012.

All actors, private or public transport sector, can register online to offer their services on a dedicated page accessible to the entire community Wehicles. The objective of this platform is to promote individual modes offered by sustainable businesses and communities.

3) Lunar Europe, Green City and the University of Wuppertal have developed a new system to Munich mobility, "mo".

With an application accessible from a smartphone, members have access to carsharing, bike rental classical or electrical utilities, as well as public transport. Payment is made with a single card for all modes and can accumulate "momiles" to spend on trips by bus, metro or car.

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