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Transport overview

Transport Overview No. 56

Transport Overview No. 56


A unique overview by the Centre d’analyse stratégique written by Christine Raynard, Department of Sustainable Development. 

1) The aviation sector, including airports and airlines, is diversifying and creating new welfare services for its passengers.

For instance, Aéroports de Paris (ADP) organizes concerts at Orly, the "Orly Jazz Thursdays", offered in partnership with the association "The spirit of jazz." These free concerts offer passengers and guests a moment of relaxation and musical enjoyment before a flight.

In partnership with Philips, ADP has installed an area of light therapy wellness at the airport of Paris-Charles de Gaulle. This free service allows passengers to recover from jetlag or to compensate for the lack of sun in the winter.

As for Sri Lankan Airlines, they will be the first airline to offer Ayurvedic relaxation therapies on board its long-haul flights. Professionals give the massages, which will be accessible to passengers in Business class. Foot massage therapy on all flights to Europe will be added later this year. The company, which suffered heavy losses, seeks to innovate and offer high quality service to attract new business clients.

2) GoElectrix launched RentElectrix, the first rental network of electric cars. The company expects to open one hundred rental agencies in France within two years.

To develop this network, GoElectrix will build on existing structures (parking garages, distributors, renters...) and hope to grow their business by offering electric car rentals. The agencies have a joint website, to manage all bookings and their fleet of cars.

GoElectrix has proposed to offer all types of electric cars: cars without license, convertibles, urban, sports or commercial cars.

3) L’Ademe has selected an innovative electric car prototype project, the "Quat'ode". This project, led by Véléance in partnership with the consulting firm Car&D is funded by the research fund Ademe and will receive up to 157,000 euros, with a total budget of 240,000 euros.

This light quadricycle car is for small urban deliveries (mail, parcels, catering, repair etc.). It can support loads up to 100 kg and has space for one passenger alongside the driver.

Its small size (0.80m x 2m) makes city driving easy and it can use parking spots reserved for two-wheel vehicles. The pendulum design and a tilt controller board allows it to drive on roads with 35 degrees incline without any risk of tipping.

Production is planned for early 2013.

4) A French company, XOR Motors will start selling a foldable electric scooter, the XO2, in September. The scooter pulls like a suitcase on wheels and can travel at a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

It can fit in the trunk of a large car or be taken on a train, provided you can carry it as it weighs 53 kg excluding the battery.

Its lithium-polymer battery lasts up to a distance of 75 km at a speed of 90 km/h. However, its price remains high: 3100 euros, excluding the cost of the battery that can be rented for 50 euros per month. 
Two other less powerful versions (maximum speed of 45 km/h) will be available for a price between 1890 euros and 2100 euros, plus the rental of the battery (30 to 40 euros per month). 

5) In early May, RATP in Paris will launch an experimental bus stop and station opposite the Gare de Lyon.

This "Kingsize" station (80 m2), thought of as a lively place in the city, will be completely innovative. The bus station will focus on multiple services that can facilitate a maximum number of daily users: electrical outlets to recharge cell phones,

  • Wi-Fi to stay connected on the computer
  • a ticket distributor to avoid long lines and the extra cost of buying a ticket on the bus
  • a package pick-up service to pick up items bought on the Internet
  • a free self-service library
  • a retail space to buy a coffee, croissants, sandwiches, newspapers etc.

The station will be equipped with mirrors to redo a tie or apply a touch of makeup and will have five or six electric bikes.

This space of services and sale has been designed not only to house travelers waiting for their bus, but also to make both their life and the life other people passing through the area easier.

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