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Transport overview

Transport Overview No. 55

Transport Overview No. 55


A unique overview by the Centre d’analyse stratégique written by Christine Raynard, Department of Sustainable Development 

1) Based on San Francisco and its system "SF Park", started in 2010, "ShareMySpot", started in 2011, is the first mobile solution for finding and sharing parking spots in real time in Paris. The application can be used with a smartphone.

Drivers seeking to park are offered the most convenient spot based on the car's geographical proximity and the size of the car. If accepted, the spot is instantly reserved and is no longer offered to other drivers.

Meanwhile, drivers departing give up their spots only to the next selected driver. In order to recognize the next selected driver for the spot, the driver departing receives information about the next car. To minimize the wait for the next driver, the driver departing is encouraged to notify of its departing intentions a few minutes before returning to the car.

Recordings of the parking spot transactions on the drivers’ account “co-spot”, creates a virtual debit or credit system in the form of hazelnuts. When a driver using the system has offered a parking spot to the rest of the parking community the driver then receives a virtual credit that can be used to reserve a parking spot from another driver.

In case of complete shortage, the nearest parking spot is given but with a parking ticket discount from "ShareMySpot”.

This service currently has 5200 users against 1300 in November 2011, a four time increase in four months.

The aim of this service is to reduce the time spent searching for an available spot and thus save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

2) Amsterdam intends to transition to the use of electricity only by 2040.

Already renowned for the widespread use of bicycles (it accounts for more than 50% of the transport in the city center and 37% in the whole urban area), the city is also already ahead in the use of electric vehicles. These vehicles are exempt from parking or delivery fees, while parking fees for traditional gasoline cars are among the highest in Europe.

Amsterdam already has over 350 battery charging stations and has announced another 1000 for 2013. In addition, buying an electric vehicle comes with significant subsidies.

Thus, the Dutch capital hopes to have 10 000 electric vehicles in 2015 and 40 000 in 2020.

3) will launch the first European “multimodal” travel planner in June 2012.

The application "Mytripset" will be able to organize the trip from home to the final destination, incorporating not only the possibilities to choose from all the different transport modes, but also schedules, prices, cultural programs, etc.

"Mytripset" will also offer an online booking system and access to alternative travel arrangements if the trip is canceled.

The planning system is the result of a competition organized by the European Commission in the autumn of 2011, a year and a half after air transport was paralyzed following the eruption on Iceland.

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