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Transport overview

Transport Overview n° 50

Transport Overview n° 50


Overview n° 50 by Christine Raynard, Project manager, Departement of Sustainable Development (DDD)

1) Airbus is working on a future aircraft, scheduled for 2050, which will be designed with a transparent roof to watch the sky and stars.

Business and economy classes will be replaced by zones, from relaxation to the front of the unit, including spaces for light therapy, in mid-air entertainment space with a bar, a gym and finally the back room "high tech" devoted to the work.

The passenger registration shall be effected by a biometric system, placing his hand palm on the door.

2) Also in 2050, EADS intends commissioning an aircraft-rocket hypersonic (faster than a supersonic), the Zehst, "Zero Emission High Speed ​​Transport", with a capacity of 50 to 100 persons. The first tests would be conducted in 2020.

On takeoff, the engines will use biofuel from algae, then the device will switch to altitude engine type rocket, powered by hydrogen and oxygen. Thus, the aircraft will release as water vapor, without any CO2 emissions. The Zehst fly at 32,000 meters, 10,000 meters against a conventional airplane. Will switch seats so that passengers do not feel the effect "coaster".

For landing, the pilot cut the engines and begin its descent in a glider before landing by delivering conventional engines of the aircraft.
This aircraft will join Paris in Tokyo in 2:30.

3) In London, the new Blackfriars railway station, currently under construction on the bridge of the same name that crosses the Thames at the City, will become in 2012 the largest bridge in the world with solar photovoltaic technology. Solarcentury support the installation, just start the laying of 6,000 m2, about 4,400 photovoltaic modules on the roof of the station.
Solar panels should generate more than 900,000 kWh of electricity per year, providing 50% energy needs of the station and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 511 tons per year. A retrieval system, rainwater and skylights promote natural lighting are also planned, to minimize energy costs.
The only other known solar deck to date is that of Brisbane in Australia, with the Kurilpa bridge built in 2009.

4) The car rental company Rent A Car offers a redemption of old vehicles cons of rental vouchers.

And the acquisition price, calculated according to the Argus and the attractiveness of the model is increased by 15% by the lessor, then converted to rental vouchers for use for 10 years in all participating agencies and the entire fleet of vehicles available.

5) The Turkish Prime Minister announced the construction of a canal 150 feet wide, 45 to 50 km long and 25 meters deep linking the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. It will be designed to ensure the daily passage of 160 vessels of very large tonnages. Currently, 140 million tons of oil are transported annually on the Bosphorus.

Two objectives motivate this project: the decongestion of the Bosphorus crossing in Istanbul, the first Turkish metropolis of about 13 million people and reducing the environmental threat because the frequency of accidents fears of a major ecological disaster in the heart of this megalopolis.

Preliminary studies will begin in June 2012 and the "Canal Istanbul" should be opened in 2023, to mark the anniversary of the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

The project, whose cost has not been disclosed, also includes the construction of a third airport for Istanbul and a port near the canal.

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