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Transport overview

Transport Overview n° 43

Transport Overview n° 43


Overview n°43 by Christine Raynard, Sustainable Development Department

1) Google has installed at its company headquarters in Mountain View (California) a battery charging system for electric cars, without running cable. However, the car must be equipped with an adapter.

The charging station has only one plot, on which the vehicle is placed in order to recover energy.
The system uses the technique of power by induction, a principle that is already with mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. In practice, when the car with a special adapter approaches the plot, the terminal induction stream is passed from one to another. The
operating principle is identical to that of an electrical transformer that uses a scope
to realize the electromagnetic energy transfer.
Plugless Power company behind the concept, presented a prototype wireless recharging station, it over 2 years ago. But as Google continues to be the first application using this technology really operational.

2) IKEA offers on its website a carpool service to unite business people wishing to make a shared drive, especially to visit one of the shops or start from one of them. The driver alone determines the tariff conditions.
On the site, are also a map and route planning to travel to each store by public transport.

3) The German railway Deutsche Bahn (DB) in connection with six transport authorities reflecting on the development of an electronic ticket that would allow travelers to use either buses, trains and subways.
This project was presented in late March and could be implemented by 2014, but many technical problems remain to be resolved. In addition, funding for a startup to develop this program would be necessary. But it is not clear that the Department of Transportation can unlock a whole, due to recent budget cuts.
The system, currently being tested in different cities of Germany, has been validated by the associations of public transport and DB .
This project responds to the request of the European Commission, which at the Transport Council of 31 March highlighted the importance of information for the creation of a European single ticket for all modes of transport in order that passengers can travel easily in Europe.

4) Deutsche Bahn (DB Schenker) sees its link test rail freight between Germany and mainland China completes successfully. The trip was made ​​in half the time than by sea and the price is less than air transport.
According German railways, if there is sufficient demand, the line could become regular this year.

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