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Study - Urban Policy, the American experience

Study - Urban Policy, the American experience


The American experience of urban regeneration is both rich and ancient. accommodation, economic development, school, security, employment, social diversity, all these areas - which are in France the policy of the city - have given rise to abundant work which until now lacked a perspective through the prism of public policy, which is the subject of this study.

This study is the result of a partnership between the Centre for Strategic Analysis and the Embassy of France in Washington.

This document is quite singular. It is innovative in that it comes from a source that is perhaps not always sufficiently appreciated: French diplomatic expertise. Receive under the stamp of the Strategic Analysis Centre work depth study of a Counsellor is the first call that probably other occasions.

It is original because it contains thorough description of a situation and a very political commentary and, in fact, little known. The case of American urban problems and policies implemented to reduce them has been many comparisons and reflections on the useful ideas and strategies. But there was a resolutely administrative analysis of problems and solutions entering the machine that produces the standard, which manages budgets, measuring results. Besides the sociological literature, geography, and political science, the work of Cyril Cosme will usefully take place among the readings of those interested in the evolution of forms and urban populations.

It is timely because it allows immersion and synthesis in programs and instruments at the heart of American news (HOPE VI, Choice Neighborhoods , through No Child Left Behind ). Fed interviews, visits, reading (books of reference and budget documents) about the dispassionate gaze and allows informed about contemporary America.

The reader will find, throughout the text, different answers to the central questions of urban policy: who should control the planning rule? How should I organize the taxation between different levels of public authorities? What role should companies do? Is it really distinguish approaches targeted at those people are focused on the equipment? The question then is what can be comparable in Europe and, where appropriate, transposed in France. This will be the subject of future work of the Centre for Strategic Analysis.

Author: Cyril Cosme , Councillor for Employment and Social Affairs, Ambassage of France in Washington


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