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Social Issues Overview (July 2012)

Social Issues Overview (July 2012)


Each month the Department of Social Affairs at the Centre d'analyse stratégique offers a selection of information, innovation and experimentation from abroad.

This overview does not suggest that implementation of these policies would necessarily be relevant in a French domestic context. It consists of subjective choices made by staff members of the department as part of their research and their meetings. It can spark interest, caution or rejection. The goal is first and foremost to help steer the debate on the future of our social model.

  • July's topic of interest: Denmark

Internet permitted during the baccalaureate exams in Denmark

In Denmark, high school students passing the exam equivalent to the “baccalaureate” in France can benefit from Internet access during the exams. Established in 2010, this new approach seems to be working well even though some schools have not followed suit and adopted the measure. In February 2012, the Minister of Education extended the exam type to five other subjects in addition to Danish, mathematics and social sciences. This exam type follows the Danish education authorities’ take on learning, which is based on reflection, rather than memorizing. The students have been able to use books during exams for the past twenty years. Using the Internet remains heavily regulated since email and social networks are prohibited and teachers use software for plagiarism and verification of sources.

  • Source: Le Monde, 23/06/12


You can naturally add to this overview by sending any information you consider relevant to the following contact: Daniele Vidal, Department of Social


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