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Invitation Presse - La participation des habitants : 3 pistes pour rénover la po

Press Briefing - Citizen participation: 3 ways to renovate the city policy


Vincent Chriqui , Director General of the Centre d'analyse stratégique, presents to the press the policy brief :

Citizen participation:
3 ways to renovate the city policy

September 5, 2012 11:00
Centre d'analyse stratégique, 18 rue de Martignac, 75007 Paris

How to improve the quality of public debate and develop residents involvement in decisions?

If the participation of the inhabitants seems to be a need recognized by all political actors of the city, the difficulties of implementation persist. Both politicians and field actors see it mainly as a way to increase the acceptance of the decision by the people, at the expense of the quality of the action or of the power of the people on public action.

On the eve of the consultation announced by the government to prepare a possible second act of the national program of urban renewal, how to share power and decision-making expertise with inhabitants? How to better articulate participation and representation? What ambition for the city renewal?

To enlighten the French government, this paper analyzes the dynamics of the most promising policies abroad and extract three main axes: "participation of the neighborhoods in the budget"; guarantee the quality of public debate, and enable people to develop their capacity to act. The three major proposals resulting from this analysis will be presented at the press conference.

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