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Policy briefs 310 and 311 - From science fiction to reality


The Centre for Strategic Analysis (CAS) has published two notes on the question

From science fiction to reality

On the occasion of the symposium "From science fiction to reality", organized by the CAS, two analytical notes are being published, dealing with the scientific progress and its impact on mankind and how our society and its possible futures are seen.

If scientific and technological progress raises both hopes and fears , science fiction, by its future-oriented nature , sometimes to the extreme, can be a valuable tool for the exploration of possible futures for the Earth and humanity.

Analytical note 310:  Human capabilities enhancing technology

If science fiction gives a big role to genetically modified humans and other cyborgs, echoing the millennium will of man to one day surpass its biological limits and its condition of mere mortal, new technologies and the continuing development of scientific techniques have made ​​such prospects much more plausible.

However, if the repair of man (cell or gene therapy, for example) is a reality still under construction , the evolution to a form of improvement of man and his physical and cognitive abilities raises scientific and ethical and societal questions and concerns .

Analytical note 311: Science Fiction, the mirror of our societies forward thinking

The analysis of the evolution of the themes dealt with by science fiction since its emergence in the nineteenth century with the industrial revolution, whether the depletion of natural resources, the relationship between man and machine or the conquest of space , shows that science fiction reflects the anxieties and challenges associated with different eras and different changes , technological or societal (atomic bomb, demographic evolution ...).

But science fiction, with its forward-looking and bold assumptions , also explores many scenarios for the future of humanity on Earth or not , constituting therefore a valuable tool for reflection , relying more and more often on scientific knowledge and expertise, making it more serious and credible.

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