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Les enjeux de l'eau

Invitation - Water issues


Vincent Chriqui, Director General of the Center for Strategic Analysis (CAS), will present, in the presence of experts, several documents about :


 Water issues

Wednesay, April 3rd 2013 at 10:30
at Centre d’analyse stratégique - 18 rue de Martignac – 75007 Paris

Water management faces today many challenges both in France and abroad. In France, while last century's priority was primarily to supply water to the entire population through the construction of a network infrastructure performance, the twenty-first century will be to protect the resource quality and quantity in a context of climate change.

  • Les enjeux de l'eau en FranceWater issues in France

Presentation of the policy briefs :

For sustainable water management in France :

  • What rationalization of expenditures for water political actors?
  • How to improve the sustainability of water pricing for households?
  • Strategic risks of quantitative management of water and adaptation prospects for 2030

And the study by BRLingénierie for CAS: Resources and water needs in France in 2030

  • Les enjeux de l'eau en AfriqueWater issues in Africa

Presentation of the policy brief :

- The challenge of food in Africa in terms of its water resources

And the study by BRLingénierie for CAS: Water resources, agricultural production and food security in 2030 - South Shore of the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa
Journée mondiale de l'eau


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