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Invitation - Public research valorisation : which criteria of success in international comparison?


Vincent Chriqui, Chief Executive of the Centre for Strategic Analysis (CAS), will exclusively present a policy brief formulating proposals on:

 Public research valorisation :
Which criteria of success in international comparison ?

Monday, March 25th 2013 at 11am
at Centre d’analyse stratégique - 18 rue de Martignac – 75007 Paris

The Government announced in late 2012 a reform of regional and national transfer and innovation, with 15 measures to boost the  transfer dynamic between public research and industry. While the dedicated working group is about to submit its report to Geneviève Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research, the Center for Strategic decided to contribute.

In a context of budgetary restrictions and increased international competition, universities and other public research organizations strive to maximize the value their work, that is to say, to get the most out of economic benefits. In fact, the performance of innovation depend not only on the scientific and technological excellence, but also notably based on capacity, in contact with the business world, to transform knowledge resulting in new processes products, that is to say, value added and job creation.

However, in the case of France, some indications confirm the general observation of a relative lack of interaction between science and industry. In 2009/2010, the share funded by companies in total spending on research and development (R & D) sector of higher education has been 2% ; in Germany, this share rises to 15%, and to more than 6% on average for the 27 EU countries and across the OECD.

This policy brief analyzes the lessons from foreign experiences and draw two proposals to strengthen development policies of public research, major lever for growth and competitiveness.


Centre d’analyse stratégique