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Cybersécurité : l'urgence d'agir

Invitation - Cybersecurity, matter of urgency


Vincent Chriqui, Chief Executive of the Centre for Strategic Analysis (CAS), will exclusively present a policy brief formulating proposals on:

Cybersecurity, matter of urgency

Tuesday, March 19th at 11am
at Centre d’analyse stratégique - 18 rue de Martignac – 75007 Paris

The development of information technology has led to an increasing dependence of our societies towards digital tools. Cyber ​​attacks are increasing and becoming more complex, combining the effects of the development of cyber espionage, cyber crime, and states' use for strategic purposes.

Computer attacks can loot the information heritage and hit strategic infrastructures. Some examples:

  • in 2010, approximately 150 computers from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance are infected, the attack was likely intended to gather information on the French Presidency of the G8 and G20;
  • discovered the same year, the Stuxnet worm has attacked the Iranian nuclear weapons program, sabotaging the process of uranium enrichment
  • Flame worm, discovered in 2012, is today the most sophisticated computer espionage system ever discovered to date.

Meanwhile, new applications (cloud computing, mobility) increase the vulnerability of information systems. The development of the Internet of Things - 50 billion objects should be connected to the Internet in 2020 - should increase interactions between virtual and real worlds and expand the risk of attack.

The Centre for Strategic Analysis makes four proposals to raise the level of cybersecurity, a major issue of economic competitiveness and sovereignty.


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