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Develop, support and promote volunteering (Policy Brief 241 - September 2011)

Develop, support and promote volunteering (Policy Brief 241 - September 2011)


In 2010, 32% of French people over 18 years were engaged in voluntary work in sports, humanitarian, economic, ecological, cultural or social.

  • Develop, support and promote volunteering (Policy Brief - September 2011)

This number, which continues to grow for 20 years, placing France in the European average for wide variety of situations (degree of involvement of individuals, size of the associations concerned, areas, etc.)..

By making 2011 the year of volunteering and volunteerism, the European Union was specifically designed to encourage citizen engagement, but also to promote the integration of young people. In general, volunteering can reconcile individual interests and collective interests. However, it is faced with the challenges of individualism and the aging of the population, which tend to change the needs of volunteers as beneficiaries of their actions. Volunteering is also in the context of a changing world of work and terms of public policy, which called to question the conditions of its exercise. How, then, promote volunteering and how to support new forms of volunteering adapted to economic and social changes, without risking too much or too coach institutionalized?


  • France is the European average in terms of volunteer
  • Develop, diversify and recognize the volunteer
  • Meeting the challenge of specialization and professionalization of volunteers
  • Authors: Marie-Cecile Naves, in collaboration with Sylvain Lemoine, Department of Social Issues

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