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Dashboard of the attractiveness of France 2010

Dashboard of the attractiveness of France 2010


Monday, July 19, 2010, Vincent Chriqui, Director General of Centre d'analyse stratégique presented with David Appia, President of the French Agency for international investment, Pierre Dartout, Delegate to the Planning and regional attractiveness and Josselin Kalifa, head of foreign trade center in the Treasury Branch the 2010 edition of "Dashboard of the attractiveness of France."

The realization of the Dashboard to the attractiveness of France is fully in the 2010 work program of the Centre d'analyse stratégique.

Dashboard of the attractiveness of France 2010

The Centre has launched a series of work on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the French economy and driving growth in the medium and long term. Similarly, the Centre is committed on the theme of the economic crisis by publishing a series of four notes of analysis by the back and by hosting a symposium, France and Europe against the economic crisis, the September 20, 2010 in the presence of Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment.

With the faster flow of capital and people, the ability of a country to attract and retain businesses and talent has become a key component of economic growth. The economic crisis has increased the weight given to the appeal, all countries are mobilized to attract job-creating activities.

The attractiveness of countries is often presented through international rankings based on composite indices of competitiveness and opinion surveys of business leaders. These rankings provide a useful initial assessment of the relative positioning of different countries but they fish for their instability, the heterogeneity of the variables used and the lack of theoretical underpinnings to the aggregation of data.

In order to establish an objective diagnosis of France's attractiveness , the Centre d'analyse stratégique and the French Agency for International Investment, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Treasury and the Interministerial Spatial territory and regional attractiveness wished gather in the "Dashboard 2010 of the attractiveness of France" economic data regarding investment, production activities and strategic skills and attracted the national territory and on the main determinants of location choices of foreign firms. For each of these indicators, France is compared with eleven countries that have most often a strong voice in international investment and sustained economic relations with France.

France appears as a country crossroads of international investment : the third host country of FDI in the world and second European destination for foreign investments that create jobs. subsidiaries of foreign groups contribute significantly to the activity manufacturing sector in France : they achieve 30% of the value added, employ four employees and are responsible for 20% of R & D conducted in our territory. Foreign talent are also honored in France : with almost 250,000 students welcomed, France is the fourth world country home of internationally mobile students.

Indicators related to determinants of the location give a balanced and diversified strengths and weaknesses of the French territory. The main advantages of France resident in the size and dynamism of its market, the density and performance of its infrastructure The skill level and productivity of its workforce and the quality of life . If France showed good control of its production costs and enjoys a comparative advantage in terms of cost business location, its position on tax and administrative environment is improving. From the perspective of longer term capacity building research and innovation and positioning on renewable energy will be key to France's attractiveness.


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