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Cybersecurity, emergency action (Policy Brief 324 - March 2013)

Cybersecurity, emergency action (Policy Brief 324 - March 2013)



Organizations are insufficiently protected to cope with cyber attacks increasingly developed. Raise the level of cyber security is an urgency to preserve economic competitiveness and national sovereignty.

  • Cybersecurity, emergency action

Cyber ​​attacks are increasing and becoming more complex as a result of the development of cyber espionage, cyber crime and states that use these attacks for strategic purposes. Meanwhile, new uses ( cloud computing , mobility) increases the vulnerability of information systems.

Faced with this threat, businesses, governments and a fortiori individuals are either unarmed or unaware of the risks and their economic and financial consequences. Attacks computer can loot the information assets of the business and reach strategic infrastructure. The White Paper on defense and national security was published in 2008 and dedicated security of information systems as one of four strategic priorities for France: this is an issue of competitiveness and national sovereignty.

To raise the level of security, while leveraging the benefits of an open and decentralized organizations must adopt a rational approach to risk analysis in order to implement an appropriate response to the technical and organizational. The domestic supply of security solutions must also be structured to allow for a better use of technological skills and French guarantee a high degree of sovereignty.


  • A "cyberspace" vulnerable prey to criminal acts increasing
  • Security of information systems, a global strategic priority
  • Risk management: reconciling security, openness of information systems and the protection of individual freedoms
  • Raise the level of security organizations
  • Industrial ecosystem structure of cybersecurity
  • Author: Antton Achiary, Joël Hamelin and Dominique Auverlot, Sustainable Development Department.
    Authors would like to thank all the experts they could apply in the context of this work.

Keywords : cyber security, information systems security, cyber espionage, ANSSI, risk management.


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