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Conference proceedings: Towards a renewal of urban logistics

Conference proceedings: Towards a renewal of urban logistics


The Centre d'analyse stratégique organized a seminar on April 3rd 2012:

Towards a renewal of urban logistics

Why did the Centre d’analyse stratégique organize this meeting on urban logistics? Four main reasons led to this initiative and to the preparation of the policy brief published in liaison with this event.

First, even though this topic has been much debated in the past twenty years, it is clear that the solutions explored are only partially implemented, probably because of, but not limited to, the high cost of doing so. This should incentivize all stakeholders to find new solutions for sustainable transportation of goods in urban areas.

The second reason is the need to fight against climate change and rising oil prices. This raises questions about the means available to reduce the consumption of oil and gas. 

Third, technologies evolve along with urban organization: the progress of information technology leads us to approach transportation differently than before: fully electrical delivery vehicles are now available, but with limited autonomy. This autonomy is, however, acceptable at the city-level.

Meanwhile, the growing development of e-commerce or the renewal of local stores changes the organization of the city. Moreover, the law “Grenelle 22” now allows every city to implement congestion charges, promoting environmentally cleaner vehicles.

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