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Annual report

Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2008


New World, New Capitalism?

The advent of capitalism more equitable recovery discussions on an overhaul of corporate governance to better reflect the interests of all parties, on a renewal of the welfare state for promotion of social policies "capabilisantes", and Finally, globally, on an expanded mission of economic institutions beyond trade issues. If alternative finance, social and environmental, is struggling to develop spontaneously, only capable of coordinating tradeoffs fair while mobilizing effective green technologies is expected to combine sustainable development and economic viability.

Syntheses France 2025

Evaluate the past, decipher the trends and drivers of changes and anticipate threats, opportunities or possible breaks to illuminate the future are the founding elements of policy: they legitimate representation of a government that can act in connection with other actors, which has leeway to influence community life ... For several months, experts, officials, social partners and civil society representatives met to explore possible changes in these areas and identify the major challenges for the public. The results of this work were published on the website of the Center for Strategic Analysis in March 2009


Centre d’analyse stratégique